How to Pass the Advanced Cicerone® on your First Attempt

In this workshop, you will...

👃 Learn to raise your beer tasting & description game

📚 Find out what resources you need to study from for the AC exam

🎓 Learn where to get easy points on the AC exam

Specifically, what you'll learn is...

  • How to develop a proper tasting routine to get in the zone for stronger tasting.
  • When & why to use the short sniff, the distant sniff, the nose plug, & the skin test (yes, all those weird sniff types you learned for the CC exam are actually useful!).
  • How to level up your technical & consumer descriptions for can't pass without nailing this.
  • How to use the Beer Scholar "TLC" description method for better consumer descriptions.
  • What specific resources you'll need, down to which chapters to focus on, to prep for the AC exam.
  • Where you can score easy points on the AC exam!
  • How to memorize the BJCP material so it isn't so daunting!

If you're thinking about taking the AC exam, you need to see this workshop. Sign up now!

Huge shout out to my buddies at the Beer Scholar! They helped me at every step of the way to pass the AC exam. Their honest and critical feedback about how I could improve my essays, build up my beer vocabulary, and more effectively demonstrate my skills and knowledge to the graders was key. Scott's training was challenging but he helped me grow my technical and consumer descriptive vocabulary, off flavor compound knowledge, and blind style identification. If you're serious about passing the Advanced Cicerone exam I highly recommend the Beer Scholar coaching program!
Advanced Cicerone, beer educator, founder of A Bier Guy