The Cicerone® Cheat Code: Go From Rookie to Certified Beer Geek in 90 Minutes

In this workshop, you will...

👃 Learn to raise your beer tasting & description game

📚 Find out where to get easy points on the CC exam

🎓 Learn how to beat the CC tasting exam

Specifically, what you'll learn is...

  • How to nail down about half the points on the entire test by learning certain things about beer styles.
  • Tips & tricks for saving yourself from the difficulty of memorizing all the BJCP beer style vital stats!
  • Simple systems for leveling up your beer description abilities.
  • Exactly why thoughts like "I just can't taste very well," or "there's too much BJCP stuff to memorize," or "it's not worth the time/money" are totally wrong.
  • How to use the Beer Scholar method to crush the Style Discrimination panel on the tasting exam.

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Beer Scholar took the intimidation out of studying and gave me a clear path of learning and expectations. You won’t find a better distillation of topics into bite-sized material spread across flashcards, practice tests, and the main lessons. Thank you, Beer Scholar!
Certified Cicerone®, Brewing Supervisor at Uinta Brewing Co, Leader of the Utah Pink Boots Chapter
Preparing for the Certified Cicerone® exam can be an intimidating process. Chris Cohen's study material helped me make sense of a dizzying amount of information, calmed my nerves around the exam process itself, and allowed me to feel prepared and confident heading into my exam. When someone asks me what materials they need to prepare for the exam, The Beer Scholar Online Course for the Certified Cicerone Exam® is at the top of my list.
Advanced Cicerone, award winning beer writer, podcaster, & beer educator